Church Office | The Ark |  Portsmouth Road | Liphook | Hampshire | GU30 7DJ
email: | tel: 01428 725390 | Registered Charity No 1128142

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Priest in charge:

Revd Valentine Inglis-Jones

Licensed Clergy:

Revd Tony Halsey and

Revd Canon Nigel Nicholson

Lay Ministers (Readers):

Paul Arnold

Marjorie Arnold
Vivien Chamberlain
Alan Geddes

Our Leadership and Staff

Clergy and Lay Ministers


Vivien Chamberlain and Paul Arnold


Bill Prior-Jones

PCC Members:

Andrew Coleman, Robin Coulson, Stella Fells,  Alan Geddes, Keith Ireland, Claire Paye, Bill Prior-Jones, Nick Sear

Deanery Synod Representatives:

Sue Slade and Kay Murray

Reader Representative:

Vivien Chamberlain, Alan Geddes

PCC Secretary:


Standing Committee:

Paul Arnold, Vivien Chamberlain, Valentine Inglis-Jones, Kay Murray, Bill Prior-Jones

Parish Safeguarding Representative:

Claire Paye

Parochial Church Council (PCC)

Vicar Valentine Inglis-Jones

Tel: 07917 151498


Most profound moment: the birth of all my children.
Special skills: my dancing - it’s just incredible!

Favourite people: my family, my friends and my amazing heavenly Father.
Biggest dream: to see heaven on earth.

Communications Administrator Emily Fowler
Tel: 01428 725390


Most profound moment:

Special skills:
Favourite people:
Biggest dream:

Church Administrator & Family Worker Nikki Bryant

Tel: 01428 725390


Most profound moment: bumping into Tom Jones at my sister’s church!
Special skills: I can talk for 24 hours, even in my sleep!

Favourite people: Meatloaf, my children, the inventor of bicycles.
Biggest dream: changes every day, but at the moment to cycle from London to Paris.

Youth Worker Charlotte Hannah

Tel: 07443 574870


Most profound moment: the day I became a Christian

Special skills: juggling and my imagination!

Favourite people: Andy Murray, and everyone who has inspired me in life.

Biggest dream: to lead young people to Christ.  Oh, and become a Wimbledon Champion of course!

Churchwarden Vivien Chamberlain
Tel: 01428 723835

Churchwarden Paul Arnold
Tel: 01428 724141

Most profound moment: birth of our daughter - and getting an MBE Special skills: I have many skills but tend to turn everything into a project

Favourite people: my family, Isambard Kingdom Brunel and Ralph McTell.

Biggest dream: one already fulfilled - delivering the Hindhead Tunnel - next one has to do with my faith and serving God in new ways.

Most profound moment: giving my life to Jesus
Special skills: spoiling my grandkids - four so far!
Favourite people: Wendy Atkins whose faithful prayers eventually brought me to faith.

Biggest dream: to visit Antarctica.