The Star of Bethlehem

Will you, too, be following the star to Bethlehem this week? Two thousand years ago, the Bible tells us, wise men came from the east to find the baby Jesus, following a star.

On December the 21st (the winter solstice), next week, you may be able to see the Star of Bethlehem in the night sky. If the weather is fine and the night sky clear, if you look into the south-west sky in the early evening, you may see the star. The planets Jupiter and Saturn will align so closely (0.1degrees apart) that they will create a radiant point of light called the Solstice Star, or the Star of Bethlehem, or the Christmas Star. Alignment between the two planets occurs every twenty years but this is the closest they will come since the Middle Ages.

Is this how the Star of Bethlehem in the Bible was formed? It is more likely to have been a nova or supernova explosion or even a comet but it could have been a close conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.

So, will you be following that star to Bethlehem next week? Will you be there in the stable with the shepherds, the wise men, Mary and Joseph worshipping and adoring the baby Jesus? Will you be there welcoming the Christ Child into the world, into your heart and into your life?

Juliet Bohun