Donating to the Church

Ideally, we would like our regular donors to belong to the Church of England’s Parish Giving scheme (PGS)Your donation is by direct debit, PGS claim any Gift Aid, and once a month forward your donation and any Gift Aid to us. A Direct Debit is needed to allow you the option to automatically increase your gift on a yearly basis by the RPI measure of inflation – but only if you wish. 

Our second preferred method is for people to set up standing orders with us on a regular basis – ideally monthly. 

For those who want to be a little more flexible we also have an envelope scheme for cheques or cash, and we can claim gift aid where appropriate. The envelope is placed in the collection on a Sunday. If your donation is of £20 notes or less, it is easier for us if you put it in the collection because we can collect gift aid under the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (GASD) without the need for a Gift Aid Declaration. 

Finally, there are those who prefer simply to put money in the collection when they attend. All loose notes of £20 or under and coins fall within the GASD schemewhether or not you are a taxpayer 

We are also planning to introduce donations via credit/debit card 

My Response 

Please fill in the form below whether or not you feel able to increase your giving.

Donation to Liphook Church

  • For the work of our church community in 2020.
  • I am a UK taxpayer (it is your responsibility to ensure you pay sufficient tax to cover your donation) and you may therefore claim Gift Aid on my donations. (If you do not have an existing Gift Aid declaration with us please submit this form and then use the button below to take you to the Gift Aid Declaration form).


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