Our Stories

I have been part of the Church Centre congregation for nearly 6 years now and it has been so great to be part of a growing, vibrant community.  Over these 6 years, I have experienced a real deepening of my relationship with God.   By nature I am a “head-centred”, thoughtful type of person – and I found, in the past, that this made it difficult to actually experience God’s love in my heart.  However, as a church family, we are very focused on relationship with God – and I have recently had some really amazing experiences of His love for me – which I have found healed deep rooted hurts from long ago and has brought me into a new and exciting place on my journey.

When I joined the Alpha Course I had little faith and I said so. The meetings meant little to me but I got to know the people and liked them. After Alpha I joined the home group that was formed and began to take an active part. On Christmas Day I had a profound experience of God’s love which changed my life. I felt God’s love for the first time. I have now been confirmed.


I’ve been coming to the Church Centre for two years.  After attending one of their Alpha courses, I experienced God’s love for the first time.  This led me to embark on the trip of a lifetime.  I travelled to India with a Healing Ministry Team. It was a huge challenge to me, as I suffer from chronic back problems.  God was amazing and helped me through it.  I’d like to share an example of just one of the many healings that we saw God perform in just ten days.

In Kenguva Village we met with a woman who was blinded with cataracts.  As we prayed for her, the “fog” in her eyes disappeared in front of our own eyes and she could see again.  It was incredible to see a miracle take place, and has changed my life forever.  Hallelujah!