What’s in a name? By Juliet Bohun

I have been blessed with a lovely Christian name, Juliet, no middle name. I was fortunate because my father, a professional musician, wanted to call me Cecilia, after the patron saint of music. Fortunately, this did not go with my surname which was Sunderland, which I had for twenty years. My first married name was Bycroft which I had for another twenty years and for the past thirty-three years, I have been Bohun. Technically, my name should now be Budd but that’s another story! No-one can spell or pronounce or spell my surname which is Bo-une but it is distinctive.

My name is what defines me. I am Juliet, Juliet Bohun. What would I do nowadays if I did not have an email/user name?

Isaiah (in Chapter 43, verse 1) says, “ the Lord who created you says, I have called you by name – you are mine.” In verse 4 he says, “you are precious to me.” I, me, am special and precious to God. In Psalm 139, David says that God knows everything about me. He knows my thoughts and my words before I speak them. His knowledge of me is so deep that it is beyond my understanding.

Do read Isaiah 43 1-5 and Psalm 139. Know that you, each one of you, too, has been called by name and you, too, are special and precious to God.

Juliet Bohun

A Blessing from David Strutt

I have a copy of Russ Parker’s excellent new book, ‘Pilgrim Wild’ and I offer you this blessing today:

God the Father bless you with a journey not imprisoned

By fears but one shot through with hope.

 God the Son bless you with a life not defined by your

Words and deeds but one transfigured by truth too vast to


 God the Holy Spirit bless you with a mission not

Determined by the level of your understanding or wisdom

But one lifted up by the power in His wings.


 You can change the ‘you’ to ‘me’ and pray it over yourself when you wish. Very beautiful.

Some thoughts on lockdown by Juliet Bohun

I spent the whole winter of 1970/71 living on my own with my 3 year old daughter in a married quarter in Kent. It was a bitterly cold winter and we had several heavy snowfalls. I had no central heating, only a coal fire, no telephone, no car and had to carry food in, trudging through the snow. The only means I had of communicating with my husband who was on board a ship in the Far East, was by writing letters (I think I wrote 150) and the only means of communication with my family was from a public phone box. I had a television with, I think, three channels. I was not in lockdown but had no transport and nowhere much to go.

Fast forward 50 years! I am still living on my own but I have central heating, a landline phone, a mobile phone, a tablet, a computer, Messenger, Zoom, a car and Sainsbury delivering all I need each week. How many channels do I have on my television? I still have that delightful daughter, now aged 53. I can’t meet friends in person in their home but I have all these means of communicating with them and I can actually see them! All meetings and church carry on as normal but on Zoom.

So, what on earth am I complaining about?

Juliet Bohun