Technophobia by Juliet Bohun

Oh dear! When it comes to technology, I am not very bright. I do have a degree but not in IT.

I have had a computer for about twenty years now and have always been able to use it to ask Google, to receive and send emails, to buy things from Amazon, to book hotels, to do research into family history and for limited word processing. A few years ago, my daughter bought me a tablet which I love and use all the time. I have also used a mobile phone for twenty years but only acquired a smart phone two years ago. So, now I am surrounded by all my devices and my dining room has become an office.

However, for a year now, I have been severely challenged. Who on earth had heard of Zoom a year ago? Not to mention RingCentral meetings and Google Meet. Fear and trepidation whenever I first tried to get onto Zoom. We still have our moments! I also joined Facebook last year which brought with it Messenger which I use to speak to friends and family all the time and can actually see them, too. It can also be used for group meetings which is useful. My main achievement more recently has been to record readings and prayers for our church Zoom services. I do have my limitations though. I am not able to set up and host a Zoom meeting and most embarrassingly, I cannot answer my mobile phone! I also dread having to buy any new appliance albeit washing machine or television. I have also not yet mastered internet banking either. Use of technology – always a challenge!

But, where would we be without all this technology? Isolated. Church services, prayer meetings, PCC meetings and Deanery Synod, courses, home group, seeing friends and family, entertainment, quizzes on Kahoot. I must say also, that I am somewhat relieved not to have to turn out to meetings on cold, wintry evenings or  snowy Sunday mornings! So, I shall keep on working to improve my technology and try and overcome my fear!

See you in the chat room!