We had a Healing and Wholeness service on Sunday – and asked God what he wanted to heal.  We wanted to ensure that everyone – even if you were not in the service –  to know what we heard. 

If one of the words below applies to you and you would like prayer – please contact vicar@liphookchurch.co.uk – as we would love to set up a time to pray for you because we believe that God wants to heal you today.

We heard words about people with the following conditions:

  • A displaced hip
  • Sinus problems
  • Turned out knees – feeling very vulnerable in the knee area
  • Tightness in the left calf
  • Skin rash on the left side of your neck
  • Broken or cracked ankle which isn’t healing fully

We also heard a series of prophetic words about other people that God wants to touch:

  • Someone sitting in a dim light and God is saying “Come to Me, so that my light might shine on you”
  • Someone living in fear and God wants to free you
  • Someone who is mourning the loss of a child
  • God wants to see someone dancing for joy – release from inhibition
  • Someone having to make a decision and there is a battle going on inside you
  • Someone who has a stampede going on in their mind – God wants to still you

Lastly, we had some words which we think might make sense to someone:

  • The word “robed”
  • Picture of a hammer
  • Picture of bread being kneaded

If any of these mean anything to you, do please get in touch, as we love to pray for people.