I was talking to a stranger on my recent walk and told her about the Derbyshire village of Eyam.  In the 16th Century the Black Death (Plague) spread about the known world. An infected cloth arrived and brought the plague to the village, with great courage they decided to isolate themselves buying produce at the parish boundary in jars of vinegar.

Over 70% of the village died, but the plague didn’t spread to the surrounding area.

More recently Spanish flu spread across the world (many of our Canadian servicemen war graves died of the flue in service after WW1). So many died across the world. So to Covid – this is NOT the first Plague to attack the world.

How are your hopes at this time? Are you looking down or looking up?

I’m a fan of Sea Shanties. HOLD FAST was often the cry. Keep on course, see it through. Courage through the storm and hope for tomorrow.

So what for today?  Our ancestors stood the test. Tomorrow came! Some believed it was the end days, whilst many just thanked God. They saw it through with honour. We follow the rules and isolate as requested, BUT trust our GOD to see us through.

Our task is to HOLD FAST. Fast (strong) to the experts advice. Fast to the protection of all we love. Fast to our God who has promised to walk with us in the dark places and take us out into light and hope. Fast to a Saviour who never fails us.

Hold Fast.

He has promised to never leave us.


Jesus can still ANY storm.