Melting Snowmen

I was out walking and saw several snowmen melting into the earth. I started thinking of us ( keep reading it’s not miserable!). Snowmen are created with a lot of love. Each one is crafted individually with their own shape and context. They give joy at their “birth” and happy memories when they go. In many ways we are the same. Our Creator takes delight in making us completely individual, (but thankfully without carrot noses!). He creates us in love, and stands back with joy. We are celebrated by our family and friends for the season and then move onwards to our homecoming to join water/mist  which is often the image “Water of Life etc”. So I’m celebrating Snowmen. I don’t know when I’ll melt into the earth, but I know my Creator will be there. He will see the joy and love I’ve spread and prepared to dance with me.

Let melting snowmen give you hope.