Poem by Kate Snow

I’M YOUR BRAINY BAG! (for The Brain Tumour Charity) written by Kate Snow

Why am I a Brainy Bag? It’s because I’m clever
As I’m full of things packed just for you and I promise that I’ll never
Jump off your bed and run around or tickle you at night
Or eat your socks or steal your pants and hang them on a light

Why am I a Brainy Bag? It’s not because I can
Slide down rainbows, dance with cats or make snowflakes in a pan
I’ve never caught an iceberg or flown with giant bees
I can’t make lampposts sing pop songs or trees drip slimy cheese

I can’t make sparkly wings for dogs or specials skis for cats
Or sleeping bags for poor cold frogs or small tired baby bats
But I like to dream that perhaps one day I could have a shop on Mars
And sell moon zoom chews and star shine gum and crunchy comet bars

I’d like to ride a unicorn, but I don’t think I could do it
I’d like to eat a liquorice car, but I don’t think I could chew it
I can’t make bikes out of chocolate, or kiss a spider’s ear
But I have things that are just for you and this is why I’m here

I know that you are missing all the things you have at home
But this teddy bear is just for you – you’re really not alone
I hope that what I have for you will help you while you’re here
And this bear really wants your company and is good at catching tears

Here’s a pair of new pyjamas that I’ve chosen just for you
Things to draw or write with and a game to play with too
So let me stay beside you, and keep me when you go
I’ll be there reminding you that you’re stronger than you know

The tumour cannot take away the daydreams in your head
It cannot steal the nurse’s smile who sits beside your bed
Picture it dissolving like dawn sun burns up moonbeams
It has no voice, it has no power to rob you of your dreams

Brain tumours, your time is up – this is not a game
There are people out to get you and end your ugly fame
We’ll stand up against you till you have lost your power
We’ll take back every hour you stole and make sun bright futures ours.