Snow! Oh, no! What snow?

Every day this week I have been sent pictures by my sister in Durham and my friends in North Yorkshire and Lancashire of snow. I hate snow! My first winter was the bitterly cold winter of 1947. I don’t remember it of course but have photos and been told stories – of how my pram couldn’t be pushed in the snow and how difficult it was to get coal and keep warm.

In the mid 1980’s, I spent two winters in Nova Scotia in Canada. The first snow fell in November and the last snowfall was in May. All those of us who had a sidewalk were obliged to clear it by 10.00am each morning and you were not allowed to park in the road, to keep it clear for the snow plough. I have two memories of having to drive in a terrible snowstorm, one to an invitation to dinner with my husband’s captain – one couldn’t refuse! – and one to sing in a performance of the Verdi Requiem, praying that all the traffic lights on the way would stay green!

Having spent most of my adult life in Hampshire, I decided that when I retired in 2005, I would like to return to my roots in Yorkshire, although ended up living just over the border in Lancashire. So, I dragged my poor husband away from his roots to mine – to many snowy winters. Another snowstorm, another concert, this time a carol concert which I had to get to – conditions so awful I made my husband drive! Another, on Greenhow Hill, near Pateley Bridge, where we had to be towed up. This time my husband made me drive! In 2013, having shovelled snow for four heavy snowfalls, I vowed never, ever, to shovel anymore snow. So, if it snows here, you won’t see me.

Oh, no! I have just seen pictures of Liphook in the snow and the weather forecast!

Juliet Bohun