The God of small things

I was walking and musing about the building of the temple (as you do??) . I thought how many dimensions and details are given. This started me thinking of those who ensured them.

For every dimension someone must have held a measure while the mason marked the point.

For every cloth someone must have provided the needles and thread.

So often we focus on those up front, or listed as active in the Church.

God acknowledges them for their work.

But God also sees those who do “Small things” like holding string, polishing trumpets, Cleaning Priests Garments in the temple preparation.

For us, no matter how small our contribution, no matter how we think of ourselves, God sees and Nods.

At this time, we need to know that God knows what we can and cannot do, He cherishes our heart.

However limited we may feel at present, God is there, encouraging us. If you cannot do Great things just listen and do Small things.

Know that whether you stand before a Church or Assembly, or simply do a simple act of kindness [ Small thing] to further Gods Kingdom He says “Well Done”.

God Rejoices whether you do small things just for Him, or according to His Love and Purposes for others.

He is the God of Amazing Things, but also of small things.

He is Our God.