We moved into our present house in March last year so I spent time in the garden seeing what was growing already and planting bulbs for this Spring.  Already there are shoots of irises, crocuses, snowdrops and daffodils and I’m impatient to see them in flower!

Daily I walk around looking at progress: a millimetre here, another shoot there, then a sharp frost checks everything.  How long, I wonder, will I have to wait.

But I’m not the only one waiting, there are the bees and the insects too and, one day, the sun will feel warm again, the grip of winter will relax, and the flowers will bloom for their insect visitors and for me.

The pandemic has locked in our lives like that sharp frost and we may feel that we’re going nowhere at the moment.  But there is growth, a spreading of roots underground in different directions – it may be in technology, in learning how to do things differently, in taking up a new interest.  As Christians we are often told to “Wait patiently for the Lord”, “to watch and pray”  it’s not easy, but it’s at times like these when we can draw closer in our relationship with God and listen to what his plans are for our lives and those around us.  In his loving presence we can look forward to Spring.

Elaine Heptonstall