Something must have happened – I’m writing a blog. But I had to because today was AWESOME – I had visions of the vicar cutting a lonely beleaguered figure amidst howling winds and driving rain – a bit like Eeyore in the monsoon!

The opposite happened, as the summer sun shone down over us all, and one after another people came to chat – people from our church – people outside it – Atheists – Christians and some real needs – Do pray for a cat who’s injured (seriously!) – do pray for one of my friends who’s having real marriage problems – for another who’s asking big amazing honest questions – for a lady who’s just lost her husband – for a carer who’s really open to the spiritual side of life – for an amazing elderly woman who’s had such a tough old life. These are just some of the many conversations amongst smiles, hoots from cars (not rude gesticulating hoots but happy smiley ones) waves and ditherers who sort of want to talk but feel self-conscious – all of whom seem to love seeing their local vicar reaching out.

A big THANK YOU to all who are praying, and all who are patiently waiting on urgent e-mails!