Well the sun broke through today in the square – and so did God as one after another people came up for a chat – There’s so much need and God is doing amazing things!  I chatted with a student who’s atheism is in the process of crumbling, an ex-army NCO who was so open and so in need of hug from the Father, a parent who’s trying to adopt, a young man who’s had an experience of God, an older guy who was such a big fat juicy atheist – but was happy for me to bless his son!  An amazing guy who has too many problems to mention – and finally two lads who helped me put the tent away and weren’t expecting to hear encouraging words and a blessing from God!

And lots of people who’ve noticed me out there (hard to miss) and love that the church is meeting people in this way.  Someone even said that the atmosphere in the square has changed even though she’s not a churchgoer herself!  More Holy Spirit – more!!

Do pray for the momentum of what the Spirit is doing to build tomorrow and in particular on Saturday.  That God will really bless all the people that I’ve spoken to and that heaven will rain down over the square.