Wonderings on this Season

I was thinking about this current season – bare trees, diminished activities, loss of physical freedom – and wondering… It looks and often feels like a diminishment, a curtailing of life, but I wonder if there is another way of seeing it. Maybe if I can see it as a pruning, then it could be a time of growth – just as Winter precedes Spring.

John 15.2 reads   “He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful”.

Maybe if we were to ask the Lord in this season, where we are restrained from being physically free – “What do you desire to grow in my heart?” “What do you desire to do in my heart?” You might hear that still small voice reply with love.

I finish with part of a poem, which many of us read during our school years. It was written for a real person and about Charles 1, but the last two stanzas could be written for now, although they were written from Gatehouse Prison, adjoining Westminster Abbey.

When (like committed linnets) I

With shriller throat shall sing

The sweetness, Mercy, Majesty,

And glories of my King;

When I shall voice aloud how good

He is, how Great should be,

Enlarged Winds, that curl the Flood,

Know no such Liberty.

Stone Walls do not a Prison make,

Nor Iron bars a Cage;

Minds innocent and quiet take

That for an Hermitage,

If I have freedom in my Love,

And in my soul am free,

Angels alone that soar above,

Enjoy such Liberty.


(Colonel Richard Lovelace, written in 1642)


Antonia C-B                   4.01.2021