WORLD DAY OF PRAYER  6th March 2020
Theme:  ‘Rise!  Take your mat and walk.’  Prepared by Christian women of Zimbabwe. 
Every year there is a short service to celebrate individual countries across the globe.   This year it was the turn of Zimbabwe. Historically these services have been organised by the ladies of the Church and was formally called “Womens world day of prayer”. Men have now been included….. thank you!  The service is held on the same day in almost every Nation so that it is literally  24 hour global event.

Our Liphook event was organised by Liphook Christians and included folk from each church  – Methodists,  Roman Catholics,  Anglicans, Trinity church and members of Haslemere’s 3 Counties Church (those who reside in Liphook). Approximately 35 men and women attended the service,  hosted by Anglicans at the Church Centre. The music and scratch choir were provided and trained by the Catholics (thank you Christina).   Refreshments served after the service were provided by the Methodists – thank you. 

The service was jointly led by Vivien Chamberlain and Mollie Ruff from 3 Counties Church…. and who has also lived in Zimbabwe. 
Mollie explained much about the African culture and brought some beautiful artefacts,  music instruments  and a large woven floor rug…. hung from a curtain rail. 

We sung some familiar hymns and one specially written by a Zimbabwean  composer.    There were prayers said by church representatives from each church.   And as a surprise the children from the Ark Pre-School joined us and sang one of their Christian action songs.   It was lovely to have them join us for a short while (thank you Ruth et all.)

It was an  excellent joyful service which reminded us that we are part of a global community of believers from many different denominations,  who keep Jesus Christ at the centre of their individual and corporate lives. 

Keith Ireland