Good Friday Reflections

Are you the King of the Jews?
Jesus before Pilate:  John 19:1-11  Psalm 31: 1-4
Alan Geddes

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Before the cock crows twice you will deny me three times.
Peters denial: Mark 14:66-72 Psalm 38:17-18
Juliet Bohun

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The Road to Calvary
Simon of Cyrene shares the Cross: Luke 23:26-27 Psalm 35:15-16
Paul Arnold

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Today you will be with me in Paradise
Criminals were crucified with Jesus: Luke 23:32-43 Psalm 50: 10-11
Janice Enticknap

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Eloi Eloi lama sabachthani?
Jesus cry Forsaken Mark 15:33-41. Psalm 31:4-5
Vivien Chamberlain

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Jesus entombed in darkness
The burial of Jesus:Luke 23:50-56 Psalm 88:1-12
Maxine Nicholas

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WhatsApp Hope Group

Dear All,
We hope you are enjoying our Hope Group on WhatsApp. Please do let me know if you would still like to join. I am finding it encouraging, with some lovely bible passages and pictures coming through.
On this note, it has been mentioned that we should maybe start a prayer group, in the same way.  This will be for any prayer requests that people would like to add – perhaps we could add the answers to prayer onto the Hope group afterwards!

Do let me know if you would like to join by emailing me at the office, stating either Hope or Prayer, or both!! This is not in place of our amazing prayer team, who of course are still very active, just another place where you can add prayer requests. We can never pray too much!

God Bless,


Church Office Closure

The church office will be closed until further notice. We are still able to pick up telephone messages and emails.  If you wish to contact us, please send an email to:  Or you can leave a message on the answerphone 01428 725390, which will be received via our email system.  We are checking the emails several times a day.


Pity Megan and Harry. I do hope it works out for them. Whatever happens they can rest assured that everybody has an opinion, and that most people in the UK, from our friends on the news channels to the local pub up the road, will have vented it. A friend of mine once went to the loo before he preached and forgot his microphone was on – he came back to cheering from the congregation! But just imagine doing that in front of the nation with the boos and cheers of the Football Crowd of life ringing in your ears.

We pride ourselves on being non-judgemental as a culture, but open up the tabloids and shame is writ large. Somehow we can never escape the hissing of the pantomime, and for most of us humble folk we live safe in the knowledge that our lives are so nondescript that it will never happen to us.

The closest I ever got to the pillory of life was a few years back when the Liphook Carnival was on. Fortunately we decided not to go, but we were surprised to hear a lot of loud Dongs emanating from the parade, like the bells of St Pauls had suddenly appeared in Liphook. Apparently the Deer’s Hut in their wisdom at the height of the bell ringing debacle had decided to dramatize it as part of the carnival parade – with a mad vicar at the front and a huge donging bell on the float. It was really funny. But I was so pleased not to be there!

Yes Shame is even alive and well in Liphook. Alive in our pubs, in our coffee shops, in our schools and care centres, in our supermarkets and in our homes. We probably spend a lot of energy ignoring it. Perhaps, like the cast of Eastenders we catch ourselves in conversations justifying and vindicating our own behaviour. If this is you, know that shame is probably part of your life as well. Like fear, it lurks in the background a powerful emotion with hugely negative consequences. But if that’s you know this. Crucifixion was such a shameful death that Romans didn’t even like to talk about it. When our Saviour stripped naked, completely alone and pinned to a cross was pilloried by the crowd in some profound way he was dealing with your shame. Know this and be free.

Valentine Inglis-Jones